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At GRAMM, we believe that today's organizations have no choice but to get on the innovation train to reinvent themselves and adapt to market needs.  

We believe in the importance of data to make the best management decisions.


We believe in the power of technology to foster collaboration and accelerate performance.  

Above all, we believe in the strength of the human being, who is the engine of all transformation.


We want to work with organizations:

  • Who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and take concrete action to make things happen  

  • Who put human relationships above politics  

  • Who do not create their own barriers on the road to success  

Whatever your challenges and your size, if you meet these criteria, we want to want to help you to in your success.


GRAMM offers consulting services in different spheres to help you grow your organization to the rhythm of emerging technologies.

Ideation, planning & project management

Stand out from an idea and go to production and delivery

Change management

Maximize adoption and turn your technological successes into business successes using our visual and engaging approach

Data analysis & visualization

Levrage your data to take your organization to another level

Business analysis

Close the gap between IT and business lines using an inclusive, visual and rigorous approach

Corporate culture & Communication

Develop a culture in your image and be impactful to your employees


Invest in people to build a strong and sustainable team

Transition to self-managed organisation

Move towards a teal organization and unleash the potential of your organization

Team and individual coaching

Grow as a team or an individual to perform in all your spheres


Learn skills on topics such as self-managed organisation, project and activity planning, collaboration tools, virtual community development or business analysis and change management

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  • You are looking for consultants? 

We will be please to have a chat with you


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Do you have a project aligned with one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals? You need help with data analysis, visualization and analytics?

We are fortunate to have a generous entourage of his time and expertise! In collaboration with people with a big heart, we can accompany you on a voluntary basis.


Through our journey, we met people who have marked and inspired us. This is a page dedicated to our local collaborators, artists, friends and entrepreneurs.


MONTRÉAL, QC, CANADA   |   514-224-7164   |   INFO@GRAMM.CA

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